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Medicare & You

Outline of the rights, protections, coverage alternatives, perks, & most frequently asked questions concerning Medicare.

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Your Guide to medicare preventative services

This booklet explains which preventive services are covered by Medicare along with a description of cost, who gets covered, risk factors & frequency of services.

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Protecting Yourself & Medicare from fraud

This booklet provides information on how to detect & protect against fraud & identity theft.

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Get help
with your medicare

This brochure explains how you can get help paying your Medicare Part A & or Part B premiums (through Medicare Savings Programs).

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Guide to choosing a hospital

This publication explains Medicare’s coverage & payment of hospital services

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Enrolling in Medicare part a & part b

This booklet explains how to enroll in Medicare Parts A & Part B.

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Staying Healthy

This booklet explains which preventive services are covered by Medicare along with a description of each service.

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Your Guide to medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

This booklet tells you how Medicare prescription drug coverage works, how it works with other drug coverage you may have, & how you get extra help if you have limited income and resources.


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How Medicare Plans Use pharmacies, formularies, & Common coverage rules

This fact sheet describes the methods Medicare drug plans use to provide access to prescription drugs.

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What to do if you no longer automatically qualify for extra help with medicare prescription drug costs

This fact sheet explains that Medicare and Social Security & determining whether some people who qualify for extra help will continue to qualify next year, & what people should do if their level of extra help changes.


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Understanding medicare advantage & Medicare Drug Plan Enrollment Periods

This tip sheet is designed to help you learn more about enrollment into Medicare Parts C and D, including who can sign up, when you can sign up, & how the timing can affect your costs.


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What are medicare & Medicaid?

This fact sheet explains what Medicare & Medicaid covers, & who is eligible.

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Quick facts: Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE)

This fact sheet has information about the PACE program.

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